Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So i really am trying to be better at his blogging..swear to it!! It has been incredibly hard due to the work i have been undergoing here latley. Anthony finally quit his job working with the boss that stole his TIPS..yes my hard earned hubbies tips were being ripped off by his BOSS!! Gayyy!!! i have to say that B/C it really was..anyway on to a new and unbelievably exciting new subject..kind of!! Income tax season is just right around the corner and i am truly looking at moving companies, uhauls, places to rent once we get to Lawton,OK and also working on my credit score since to it is so bad its hard to even try to buy a pub tent..for reall!! It is soooo frusterating , we wanted to buy a fixer-upper and the loan officer was SSOO rude she didnt go very far she literally called in 20 min after the application was put in and said " you dont qualify..not even with a co-signer( which we have BTW) and i can do nothing to help you." My hopes and Prayers were unevitably CRUSHED!!!
I was so upset i wanted to cry..i told myself that in order to even progress in this life..that is on this earth life..i want a beautiful home for my family and a way to provide for my daughter concerning education and a fun lifestyle. I know that all of this will happen once i go to school for my RN and that will happen once we get to Lawton, OK. Just around the corner from the home we wish to buy is the OU school of Nursing. I am soo excited i know we will be doing well once i get my rn.. And i PROMISED my self that i would follow thru on this.
Anthony is going for his CDL there are plenty of jobs available in Lawton, ok. I prefer for him NOT to go for the long haul trucking jobs..i would miss him wwaayyy to much if he were gone all the time. We'll i should say WE would miss him dearly..kenzie is still his sidekick/partnerin crime to the upto date moment in life. So the same goes as long as it has a storm cellar and a fenced yard with 3 bd. rms. and 2 bathrooms and a ward building close which there is with the temple about 1 1/2 hrs away in Yukon,OK..i am HAPPY as a clam!!!
Now as for the loan officer....i hope that she has a great life..bbuutt i have to say that i hope she learns a little better people skills and being a little more politeness..brat lady....okay i am over it promise..lol

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New and fun things....things i never thought would happen..


I am soo happy due to the new and exciting things that have happenend. Recently i went to San Fran with my best friend Candi..it was marvelous and we had soo much funn!!! I thought that i would see gay people wearing pink but to my surprise it was beautiful and the area was a lot of funn!! Our first day we got there and we got settled in..that evening we were treated to Red Mango It is this Frozen Youurt place that has scrumptious yummy yogurt!!!! The second day we went to see the Bay Area We went to the shopping area and had fun in the city. I saw some wierd stuff and some new cultural expereinces i liked the wall art that was displayed some were very neat some was lets say...different..
The next day we went to the National RedWood Forest..Excuisite thats the word that comes to mind when i think of those beautiful trees. It was marvelous to think how old they are and if trees could talk what would they have seen?? We went to the beach and had some fun, met up with some of candi's friends she met last summer while she was there on her internship. It was neat to see were she worked and I forgot how much i love the ocean..I wish that my family could have been there to experience it with me. Considering all the stress fina
ncially we have been through( nOT that everyone is dealing with it as well) it was soo nice to relax and soak up some waves.
The third day we went church and it was awesome the lesson was great just what i needed to hear i love it that the Lord always is watching out for mee!! And we went back to the city to see the Golden gate bridge and Pier 39..the infamous pier with all the delicious restaurants and saw Alcatraz and the seals it was funn they were soo dang cute. We went down the famous windind street in San Fran..Overall that day was soo funn!!
The third day was one i will NEVER forget i met my sister. The last time I saw my sister i was four and dont remember much. It was everything i could have hoped for. As an outsiders view candi said i looked like a kid at Disneyland. At that moment i was scared but no matter what all my dreams were coming true!!! I had officially saw and visitied with all the family EX: my dad, my cousin, and the most important my sister Penny. That has been a deep void that is now filled and i must say it was perfect. I now feel like a normal person although some relationships are not what i would like them to be at least i can put a name to a face.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wishin And Waiting to Just Do Something Funn!!!

Last Friday Me And Anthony went to the Movies and dinner with our best buds candi and armando. I love dong things with my friends I rarely do things due to my work schedule and usually no money...BUT..I really want to do something like Hike or go camping..SOMETHING for goodness sakes!!! I am soo bored with life in general..all we do is watch movies go eat dinner and occasionally we go to the park. We are really boring people i have come to realize...Iam a happy person and love my family but we dont do exciting things...Soooo..i am making a list..buying a camera and we are doing all the things on the list. This is the only thing i can think of to liven things up....around here b/c its sooo boring!!!!!...

Friday, July 10, 2009


Well its been a long day and a long night i only hope that i will have a better day tommorrow. I hate it when i am not getting along with someone i really love..its very hard!! I realized something today ..they say that time heals..but not necessarily..ur brain never forgets feelings that are associated with certain actions. And its not pleasant..My families been in town from oklahoma visiting for about a month..and their leaving about noon tommorrow. Its been hard financially and we still didnt get to take them places that we wanted too. I feel like they were really bored but with eight people living in a two bedroom apartment..yaaaa...tight spaces.- one bathroom..one shower..GRUMPY EVERYBODY!! oh well what ya gonna do right?? so yes they are leaving tomm. and i just know that Mckenzie will miss her best buddy in the whole world..her cousin kaelie!! She is a doll i really enjoyed her company that and my sister in law...she is really fun to be around. I will really enjoy an oppurtunity to go out on a date with my husband FINALLYYY it is well OVERDUE!!!! My schedule is getting pretty hectic..i really love the eight days off however, the six straight days REALLY messes with me. Il survive, i always manage..i can always think about my husband and how he works out in the heat for about 6-8 hours a day..NEED I SAY ANYMORE!!!! i think nott..
I have set new goals ONE and the only one being that i really am going to draw closer to my heavenly father and gain back my testimony that i have all but lost in the church. I know that the church is true the gospel it shares is true and everything about it holds the truth..nothing wrong with that . The amazing thing is that this time that i have set goals for myself in the churchi have a much greater for myself..i know that my heavenly father has goals for me and i know before i fell from the church i was A LEADER and a strong example to my family and friends. I know that the Lord will bless me in this goal and also i am preparing to receive my endowments and go through the temple..my prayer is that i can be strong hold tight dont get discouraged and be a shining example..b/c thru this i know that the lord will do his part and follow thru..it feels soo good to know this. That and know that i have support in this choice..from best friends, my mom and grandma and most of all even though he is not a member i know that at the end of the day he wants me to be happy.I had a great night with my best friend..soo glad that I have her as a bestie.Livelife. BEE good. doo right!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

where does it go, the good lord only knows...

Lifes good,,busy but good!! I am enjoying my new schedule i really love that i get to see my family moreoften and am not soo tired. My little ankle biter it POTTY TRAINED!!!!! Iam soo happy and relieved that it has finally happened and she really did it by her self. I am also enjoying the fact that my sis in law has moved here from oklahoma. Now i have a brother in law(n single by the way for all you lovely ladies looking for a COUNTRY BOY..LOL..) I have my sister in law Felicia and my nephew..london soo cute by the way!! The drawback being that my mckenzie and her london fight the moment they see each other..its very fun being the referree..Maybe it'l change sooner or later. Hopefully for all our sanitys sack..they moved to scottsdale and heva a lovely pool..great for tanning. At least for my white legs it is. I am fully trying toi enjoy the dry heat this summer mainly bc were still trying t move to oklahoma and they only have the HUMID..and hott summer. I am really wanting to move ASAP!! It would be really nice to be back in the small town..... one stop light and mostly stop signs..dirt roads..i really cant wait.. Anthony has great family there and there all so fun to be around..laughing soo hard ur peeing in your pants. Also they mostly work in the health care field so we all sit around telling our nurseing home stories..well gotta make this shorter than most..live freely and enjoy life..ttys andeeleigh and anthony

Monday, May 4, 2009

the life of the poor but famous..

Oh yes its the life..lol..however, work is paying off. Its been hard with the new hours..not that my hours are constantly changing its the fact of getting used to the sleep and getting some of it. I am excited to be getting to go to candis grad party..maybe anthony will cha cha who knows??  If anyone wants to laugh histerically then lets all get together and watch me and my husband get down..lol..no but seriously. Mckenzie is still on the toilet training program..that is the program were i get after her for having accidents and she sits on the potty and its pointless b/c he already went..grr..i feel like i am herding chickens with this one..its really a challenge. I pray she finally gets the hang of things..and gets with the program. I am ready to be off for the next eight days..i always am planning what i will do..its remembering them on the days off. Well..till then andeeleigh